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Dr David Carey is a specialist in Aviation Medicine. He has over 30 years experience in the fields of aviation and medicine including a professional pilots licence and experience on many aircraft types, military & civilian, rotary & fixed wing. Therefore he appreciates what it’s like to be on the ‘receiving’ end of a medical.


As of January 1st 2021 all UK AMEs are not entitled to conduct EASA medicals unless they have registered with an EU country post January 2021. Therefore most UK AMEs cannot currently perform EASA medicals. Dr Carey is negotiating with the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) and Norwegian Aviation Authority to be authorised to conduct EASA medicals.  All medicals, whatever class, will be for the issue of UK national CAA medical certificates. This will not impact on pilots flying G-registered aircraft e.g. PPL. However, it may impact on commercial Class 1 pilots whose operator has EU registered aircraft.


As of 29th March 2021 all pilots must register with the CAA’s new on-line portal, Cellma, in order to have a medical conducted by a UK AME (presently it takes around 5-10 days to register). Once registered you must then complete your CAA Form 160 on the Cellma system and pay the CAA a fee before arranging an appointment directly with an AME. Please complete and use the CAA Form 160 as a crib (available from my website) and bring the hard-copy to your medical as a ‘back-up’.

David has accreditation with the CAA as a Class 1 & 2 Authorised Medical Examiner (AME), holds the Diploma in Aviation Medicine (DAvMed) and is a member of the Royal Aeronautical society (MRAeS).

David is a member of the Association of Medical Examiners (AAME) and the Aerospace Medical Association (ASMA) where he has presented aviation medicine research in the United States on a regular basis. His MSc research dissertation was based on aeromedical aspects of military escape systems and he wrote regularly for the Fleet Air Arm flight safety periodical ‘Cockpit’.

As Senior Medical Officer (SMO) Aviation in the Royal Navy he had responsibility for pre-employment and periodic aircrew medicals and the management of complex fitness to fly cases.

To make matters as straightforward as possible please do read the checklist below. It will lead to a relaxed yet professional experience.


  1. Complete the Application form (CAA Form 160) – which you can download from this website and bring to the medical (failure to do so adds around 20 minutes to the consultation).
  2. Remember it’s important to disclose ‘any’ medical condition that might have an adverse impact on your ability to fly. Therefore, please provide any supporting information regarding medical issues e.g. letters/reports from you GP or specialist. Remember most health problems will not preclude you from flying, however a failure to disclose will. The CAA are robust regarding such matters, especially after ‘German Wings’.
  3. Completion of the CAA Opthalmology form (CAA Form 162) by an optician – which you can download from this website. Necessary for all initial Class 2, and Class 1 every 2 years with a VNL/VDL limitation. Remember to also bring your spectacles (do not wear contact lenses for the consultation).
  4. Photo ID e.g. passport.
  5. Previous medical certificate (if you have one).
  6. The ability to provide a urine sample on arrival.
  7. Chaperone, if you require one e.g. friend or family member. We may be able to provide one with advance notice.
  8. Check the directions on this website, they’re very straightforward, but only if you follow them. DO NOT ENTIRELY TRUST SAT NAV – rely on map, compass, and stopwatch (the old fashioned way).
  9. If you are running late let us know 01547 530967. Remember that although we allow plenty of time for a consultation their will usually be someone with an appointment after you.
  10. Payment, by cheque, cash or BACS transfer.


All fees are transparent in each section e.g. Class 1. VAT applies at 20%.

Casework to write to specialists or GPs or to organise additional investigations are charged at £150/hour. If this is necessary you will be advised in advance. However, as goodwill there is no charge for simple emails and advice.



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Please get in touch with any queries, enquiries or questions.


Dr Carey provides a first class professional, yet personal aviation medical service to the private and commercial operator. Always willing to accommodate the fractious nature of the corporate world, he comes highly commended to all aircrew seeking a seamless hassle free solution to attaining the relative clearance to continue flying.”

Phil Rudd, Commercial Helicopter Pilot

After a quick email (which included detailed directions and a check list of which documents etc to bring with me) I was booked in.

Dr Carey offered me friendly advice regarding my opticians eye test and the examination took place in a relaxed but efficient and professional manner.I have since recommended Dr Carey to fellow instructors and students.”

Jody Hoare, Flying Instructor

Dr Carey has been my aviation physician for Class One medicals for a number of years and the service he provides is excellent - deeply experienced and knowledgeable, professional, diligent, friendly and helpful. His own aviation experience also gives him insight into the concerns and needs of pilots, and he comes strongly recommended."

Andrew Joshi, Pilot

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