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Because our background is predominantly military so is our ethos.

Templar Medical was established by Dr David Carey, a Consultant Physician in Occupational Medicine, in order to establish high quality and bespoke consultant led solutions for organisations and individuals who need to deliver outstanding performance.

David realised that many providers offered high volume generic ‘solutions’ that were not appropriate for many organisations. He also observed that many providers offered services led by Occupational Health Advisors with varying degrees of experience or qualification. Such provider's services were driven by price, with clients believing that all providers delivered a similar service. David wanted to remain competitive but did not want to compromise by delivering poorer quality outputs at a discount. Therefore the challange was to provide a high-end service that was still competitive based on its quality rather than simply its cost.


"Reassuringly Different".

It was obvious that a Consultant Physician in Occupational Medicine could facilitate the most complex situations or cases, but they could also recognise when their skills were not necessary, and the requirement could be performed by another healthcare professional. This would ensure that the service was efficient and cost effective, but always led by the most senior and experienced member of the organisation.

In this way Templar Medical has built a reputation for bespoke medical and legal services tailored to the individual or individual organisation. By doing this we have forged relationships and partnerships, developed them and presurved them. Nearly all of our clients maintain a relationship with us, be it an individual pilot or a FTSE 100 company. We don't advertise, and nearly all of our business is by recommendation and word of mouth.

Following weeks of time wasting and the refusal of my NHS GP to do anything serious about my medical condition I made contact with Dr Carey in an effort to resolve my health issues within a reasonable time frame and satisfactorily. Thank goodness I made this decision. From my first meeting with Dr Carey ‘things began to happen’, I felt that everything that I needed to be done, and that possibly could be done was being done, and in a manner I was totally at ease with. I am now aware because of Dr Carey’s thoroughness and willingness ‘to go the extra mile’ that my overall health/wellbeing is satisfactory. I would not hesitate in recommending Dr Carey/Templar Medical to anyone looking for ‘anything medical."

Reuben Beaumond, British Army recruit

I would highly recommend David. The end-to-end process was extremely efficient and straightforward; aided significantly by David’s knowledge & expertise. As somebody undertaking my initial medical, I had very little knowledge of the process before speaking with David - however, with David’s help and with the resources available on his website, the process of organising all prerequisite documentation was made very easy. I will be using David for all future medicals and would highly recommend him to others.”

Luke Waite BA ACA, Private Pilot

Following an initial straight forward telephone conversation, quickly followed by a concise e mail detailing the necessary documentation required on the day... I just knew that Templar Medical were the type of establishment that would suit me!

Dr Carey was unbelievably proficient and needless to say has restored my faith in AME’s.

I can honestly say I have met a true professional and take great comfort in the fact that Dr. Carey is there to help, not only with my CAA medicals but any subsequent health concerns that may arise in the future.”

Nick Jones, Private Pilot

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