A range of legal services ranging from barrister to expert and mediation. 

Barristers represent their clients in much the same manner as doctors do for patients, by acting in their best interests. They provide advice and will 'fight' your case in court if necessary.

Experts, on the other hand are instructed by law firms (solicitors) on behalf of their client. That expert must be an 'expert' in their field e.g. a medical specalty and although experts are instructed by a law firm their duty is to the court.

Mediators have no duty to clients, solicitors or courts. They have a duty to be completely independent and impartial. They are in effect facilitators enabling parties to come to an agreement/settlement.



David has an excellent grasp and understanding of all evidence and arguments presented, and is very clear in his expressions and thought processes. His legal background is evident in the way he is able to understand the legal process and frameworks involved.”

Medical Practitioner’s Tribunal Service (MPTS) Panellist

Dr David Carey’s expertise from his former position as Surgeon Commander with the Royal Navy at the Institute of Naval Medicine is invaluable.    His concerns that service personnel should receive the best medical and occupational care, are reflected in his expert opinion, soundly based on long professional service

Dr Carey is very approachable and he is happy to provide an early informal opinion, which can be invaluable from a medico-legal point of view.”

Mr Jeremy Taylor LLB Solicitor, Partner in the firm of Wace Morgan Solicitors LLP

I must say that, in contrast to a number of other experts I work with, you show a far better understanding of the legal process and issues (apart from just the medical). You regularly engage with me and Counsel on these issues, which can often be complex in my cases and particularly in relation to issues of causation. You have a thorough understanding of CPR and your obligations as an expert, but also have an appreciation of my role as a solicitor. I have been very impressed with your advice and guidance on questions to other experts and I can tell from your discussions with Counsel that you are familiar with principles of evidence and the likely cross examination that you and/or other experts may face when in trial. Most impressive is your appreciation at all times that, ultimately, a Judge will need to make a determination on the available evidence, which is something that escapes a lot of people!"

Ahmed Al-Nahhas, Partner & Solicitor-Advocate, Bolt Burdon Kemp

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