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A background in Royal Navy Diving

David was the Senior Medical Officer (SMO) Diving for the Royal Navy. In that role he assessed the fitness of divers ranging from Mine Clearance Divers (MDC) to Special Forces (SBS). He presented lectures on the Undersea Medicine Course at the Institute of Naval Medicine (INM), instructed and examined diver medics at the Defence Diving School, provided medical input into dive training and equipment trials, and was A Duty Diving Medical Officer (DDMO) covering diving emergencies worldwide for both military and civilian divers.

David is an HSE Approved Medical Examiner of Divers (AMED) for commercial divers and sits on the UK Diving Medical Committee (UKDMC) as a medical referee for divers.


David was quick to respond and very thorough in his approach to the changes made to medical self-certification for recreational diving in response to Covid-19.  Communication was clear and concise, making the process from start to end very easy. David was able to accommodate an appointment within just a few days of contact and put me at ease from the moment I arrived talking me through the process step by step. The examination was very thorough and tailored to the requirements essential for medical clearance. David is exceptionally knowledgeable and is happy to expand or explain any queries you may have during or after the examination. I would highly recommend David to others."

 Mark Ewins, BSAC Ocean Diver and University Lecturer 

David has been a pleasure to work with to get me back in the water Since I am only a hobby diver his knowledge of diving has re-assured me .
I would be happy to recommend him to anyone.”

Sue Povall, Scuba-diver

David has vast medical diving knowledge and combined with his clear, concise explanations means you can have full confidence in all recommendations made. 
His relaxed and friendly manner helped put me at ease and he took the time to answer my questions with great detail.
Would recommend to anyone looking for a conscientious diving physician.”


Mike Cook, PADI Diver

“I was so very pleased with my consultation. This BSAC diving medical was useful for both my diving and general health. Dr David Carey put me at my ease; talking with him is so easy. He performs an elegant, quality analysis. His explanations of my health problems and their potential effects were wonderfully clear. Kind of wishing I had spoken with David Carey twenty years earlier!
Very thankful for the BSAC requirement for a medical assessment else I would not have met David Carey. This easy appointment corrected more than one decades-old health issue.

Top notch and worth every bean.

Thank you so much, David. Very, very pleased.”



Margaret Berry, BSAC Ocean Diver Trainee

Margaret Berry, BSAC Ocean Diver Trainee

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