COVID-19 (Coronovirus)

Templar Medical can help your organisation to manage both during and after the Covid-19 pandemic. From risk assessment, testing and control measures, to sickness absence and return to work.

COVID-19 History

In December 2019 COVID-19 was detected in three patients with acute respiratory illness from Whuan, China. By the end of February 2020 several countries were experiencing sustained local transmission, including Korea, Iran and Italy. By mid March 2020 nearly every country in the world had confirmed cases of COVID-19, and within weeks of that much of the world was in some form of ‘lockdown’.

 What is COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2)?

It’s a hazard just like noise, asbestos or radiation. As such it has the potential to cause harm. However, unlike those hazards it is a biological hazard (a virus). It is a basic particle which contains a single strand of genetic material (RNA) which can then replicate within a host cell.


What we offer

 As part of a consultation process our consultant in occupational medicine, Dr David Carey, can provide initial advice to individuals and/or organisations regarding all elements of managing COVID-19. Part of this process could include, appropriate testing, advice on control measures (not just PPE) and sickness absence.

 Testing in our community

 Presently, Templar Medical is performing serology (antibody) testing on healthcare professionals (including NHS employees) and other key workers within a consultation setting. The tests are performed on a not-for-profit basis, asking for a donation for the cost of the test and a margin towards the future purchase of further tests. On that basis the donations have ranged from £50 (for healthcare professionals) to around £75 (for other workers). In this way we can sustain the testing at minimum cost. We do not subscribe to tests being sent to individuals with no consultation at a fee of hundreds of pounds  and therefore distance ourselves from any such organisations. Clearly our COVID-19 project is not a commercial venture. However, in order for the testing to be sustainable and do the ‘most for the most’ we need to keep costs down. Therefore we would usually test a group of around 8-12 over half a day, with each individual test taking about 20 minutes. We also provide information regarding the test and testing, and ask you to complete a short quetionnaire and consent form.

 Please contact us for further information and to discuss. If we can accommodate you, we will.

All testing does not replace the need for a workplace assessment and implementation of control measures.


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