Managing COVID-19

How do you manage COVID-19?

 In many ways you manage COVID-19 in the same way you manage any other hazard:

  1.  Identify the hazard – COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2).
  2. Indentify the locations where there is an increased risk of exposure to that hazard. These are numerous, however, 70% of infectious outbreaks occur in nursing/care homes, 12% in hospitals, and around 11% in schools. The rest are in the community.
  3. Indentify those most at risk:
    a. the elderly and/or those with co-existing morbidities (illness) e.g. diabetes.
    b. Those with increased exposure i.e. 'dose' – e.g. healthcare professionals.
  4. Try to estimate the exposure and prevalence of the hazard by testing.
  5. Put in place appropriate control measures – from elimination to PPE.
  6. Monitor, audit and refine your processes and systems e.g. by health surveillance.

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