Cancellation Policy

Templar Medical aims to provide a high quality and efficient service. In order to do so we have implemented an appointment/cancellation policy. If it is necessary to cancel your appointment we require at least 72 hours notice in order to offer that appointment to someone else. Hours are working days not weekends.

Short notice cancellations will incur the following fees:

Less than 5 full working daysf: 50% of fee.
Less than 4 full working days: 75% of fee.
Less than 3 full working days: full fee.

Failure to attend a booked appointment will incur payment of the full fee of the medical service booked.

Chaperone Policy

Under General Medical Council (GMC) guidance. If you require a chaperone they should be 'impartial'. Clearly this is not simple to define or to arrange. Therefore if patients wish to have a chaperone they should provide prior notice of at least 2 weeks and preferable longer.  


Complaints Policy

Templar Medical’s bedrock is quality. Fortunately we receive many testimonials and words of praise but rarely criticism. However, we regard a complaint as an opportunity to improve our service and therefore a quality assurance tool.

Accordingly, if you have any matters that did not match your expectations please discuss it directly with David, who will welcome your feedback. Alternatively, you might wish to write to him or email. If so please use the contact page on this website which will facilitate your communication. This will normally be acknowledged within 48 hours, with a full response in 7-14 days, depending on the nature of the complaint.

Payment Policy

Payment for consultations are in full at the time of the consultation. Payment can be by cheque, cash or BACS transfer (which should generally be performed at or before the consultation; although we are flexible regarding this matter).

Cheques should be payable to Templar Medical Ltd.
BACS Details:
Bank: HSBC
Account: Templar Medical Ltd.
Sort Code: 40-39-30
Account No: 81308769

In order to keep fees to a minimum we do not accept credit cards due to third party processing fees.
Most fees are subject to VAT, currently at 20%. (some are zero rated).

Disability Policy

Although Templar Medical do not have facilities for those with a disability we do have an arrangement with a local cottage hospital that enables access for persons with a disability.

Should you require this service please contact us via the contacts page providing as much notice as possible and we will facilitate the matter.

Data Protection Policy

Templar Medical are aware of their obligations under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and how we should collect, process and store your data. David is a registered Data Controller with the Data Commissionaires Office.



Our facilities

Our facilities include a dedicated waiting area, a consultation room and an examination room. We have the latest medical equipment e.g. 12 lead ECG, Audiometry, Spirometry, which are all regularly calibrated. An important part of our facilities is to provide a comfortable and relaxed setting not just a clinical one. Accordingly, there are no crowded waiting rooms and the rooms are quiet, light and comfortable. Since they are set in a listed farmhouse they also have ‘character'.

We want your experience to be exceptional, professional but relaxed. David always invites you to ask questions and will explain every element of the process, whether you are a commercial pilot for a major airline, a commercial diver on the North Sea, a construction worker using vibrating tools, or a claimant having an expert witness consultation. If you need extra time, you’ll get it, and usually at no additional fee. Our emphasis is on forging good relationships with individuals and organisations, not to get you in and out of the door a quickly as possible.





Contact Us

We’re here to answer any questions you may have. Message us and we’ll respond as soon as we can. You do not have to send your phone number and we will not use your details for marketing purposes.


Telephone01547 444007

Mobile07979 755631


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