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David trained as a pilot in the Royal Navy before flying commercially. Ten years later he retrained in medicine and spent another ten years with the British Army before returning to the Royal Navy as a consultant specialist. After leaving the military in 2012 he formed Templar Medical. He also studied law and was called to the bar as a qualified barrister in 2016.

David trained as a pilot in the military (Royal Navy’s, Fleet Air Arm) before flying commercially in the Shetland Isles to offshore Oil and Gas platforms in the North Sea; primarily in S-61 (Sea King Helicopters).

David re-trained in medicine at St Bartholomew’s & The Royal London Hospital. He spent 10 years with the British Army (RAMC) in various surgical posts, including Trauma and Orthopaedics, and an operational tour.

David returned to the Royal Navy to train in military Occupational Medicine, specialising in Aviation and Diving Medicine. He obtained both the Diploma in Aviation Medicine (DAvMed) and an MSc with distinction in Occupational Medicine; after he completed a research dissertation on Barotrauma in Helicopter Underwater Escape Training. He held appointments as Senior Medical Officer for both Aviation and Diving at the Institute of Naval Medicine (INM), where he was also a consultant at the Environmental Medical Unit (EMU) managing cases of Non-freezing Cold Injury (NFCI). He has seen service afloat on HMS Ark Royal, where he was embarked with a Royal Naval Air Squadron and on-shore at Royal Naval Air Stations. In his last post he was the Regional Occupational Health Consultant (ROHC) for HM Naval Base Portsmouth and the South of England where, in additional to his role in supporting military personnel, he provided advice and care to non-military organisations such as BAE Systems and Serco. He was also an authorised examiner for the Marine and Coastguard Agency (MCA).

David has presented to numerous organisations ranging from FTSE 100 companies such as Jaguar Land Rover to prestigious and learned societies such as The Royal Society of Medicine, The Royal Aeronautical Society and to The Aerospace Medical Association in Boston, Los Angeles, New Orleans and Alaska.

In 2012 David retired as a Surgeon Commander and formed Templar Medical, an independent provider of bespoke Occupational Health Services. As Medical Director of Templar Medical he has secured contracts with organisations within the private and public sectors and been responsible for the implementation of systems and processes to facilitate and achieve high performance targets.

David specialised in extreme military occupational medicine where individuals needed to be fit for specialist roles e.g. Aviator, Diver, Elite forces, and needed to operate in extremely hazardous environments (thermal, physical, time zone changes). Therefore, he is able to provide bespoke solutions to organisations whatever challenges they face.

Because David’s background, and therefore his ethos, is essentially military, so is Templar Medical’s. Close personal contact with the client is vital in order to form a clear understanding of their requirements before engineering a tailor-made solution with minimum disruption to the organisation. Templar Medical does not engage in ‘flashy’ promotional web-sites, videos or clever marketing. We don’t attempt to force clients to accept prescriptive generic services, instead we concentrate our efforts on understanding the client and delivering a quality bespoke solution.

David is an Educational Supervisor, an examiner for the Royal College of Pysicians and an Appraiser for consultants seeking revalidation. He served a full term (6 years) as a Panellist (Judge) for the Medical Practitioner’s Tribunal Service (MPTS) of the General Medical Council (GMC),  making determinations on doctors fitness to practice. He also served as a Medical Assessor for The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPC). 

David is an Authorised Medical Examiner for Class 1 & 2 Pilot Medicals for the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), and for off-shore Medicals for the Oil and Gas Industry (OGUK). He is accredited with RUK, HSE and the UKDMC to perform specialist medicals in Diving, Wind Turbines, HAVs, and Asbestos.

As an Expert Witness David compiles specialist medico-legal reports for solicitors and individuals, with an emphasis on military medical cases. In order to enhance his legal understanding David studied for, and completed the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) in 2013, and was awarded a Degree in Law (LLB) in 2014. He then went on to complete the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) over two years to qualify as a Barrister, and was called to the Bar as a member of the Inner Temple in 2016. He is also a qualified mediator.



'A truly delightful person and a consummate professional. David is very highly regarded amongst the aviation community and I'd travel to see him regardless of where I was living in the U.K. A top level of service that you'll find extremely difficult to better. I can't recommend him enough!”

'Rob Green - Bristow UK SAR Pilot

I have been doing offshore medicals for the last 18 years, but having recently done one with David at Templar medical, I can wholeheartedly recommend them. The medical was thorough and well organised. David's vast medical experience shows through during the process.”

Andy Wallace, ROV Pilot

I First met David when my previous long-standing AME retired. Unfortunately this coincided with Cardiac Surgery thus presenting David with an unknown problematic new guy.

His response was unforgettable - ‘shouldn’t be a problem, send me the data and we’ll have a look’. This typifies David’s approach, rapid response, clear explanation of the way forward and the standards required. The medical was thankfully renewed and David continues to lead a safe path through the complex regulation we have to negotiate. But there’s more, the whole atmosphere at Templar Medical is positive and relaxed whilst remaining very professional. Highly Recommended.”

Jerry Williams, RAF / Thomson Airways (Retired)

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