Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS)

HAVS is becoming increasingly common in certain occupational groups and organisations. Sadly, if not diagnosed early, it can lead to serious and permanent disability.

Templar Medical has assisted many organisations whose employees are exposed to vibration and can provide helpful advice regarding HAVS risk assessment, policy, implementation, control measures, health surveillance and much more.

David has completed mandatory training for the assessment and management of HAVS cases, conducted at the HSE laboratories, and holds the Faculty of Occupational Medicine’s (FOM) certificate of competence.

David would normally conduct a Tier 4 assessment (which must be conducted by a HSE approved doctor), after another OH professional e.g. nurse, had conducted Tiers 1-3.


Dr Carey has become someone I really trust with my Class 1, and therefore my livelihood. My annual visit is always slick and hassle free and I would highly recommend him to anyone requiring a professional medical.”

Dave Goodman, Pilot British Airways

David is an excellent and very knowledgeable consultant who made me feel at ease during my Aviation Class 1 medical revalidation. He provided a very thorough examination, yet still maintaining a practical viewpoint on health conditions which could affect commercial flying activities. I would highly recommend David for any medical examination; the level of experience and knowledge he has is exceptional.”

Sian Richards, First Officer West Atlantic, UK

“This was my first medical renewal, with little indication of what to expect, I visited David who was extremely thorough with his examination and explanations which soon helped me to relax. David has advised and helped me through the renewal of my Austrian licence which has all been new for me. David’s professionalism and broad expertise from his many notable accomplishments leaves me with no hesitation in recommending and using him throughout my future flying career!"

Jack Edwards - easyJet MPL trainee

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