Class 2 Medicals

Class 2 Medicals

Templar Medical performs Class 2 medicals for private pilots of various disciplines from balloon and glider pilots to aerobatic and historic aircraft pilots.

Class 2 Initial

The initial consultation includes a complete exploration of your medical history. All medical conditions (past and present) should be disclosed and further information may be required from your General Practitioner. Therefore, should you have a significant medical history and in order to facilitate your medical, please provide evidence in the form of letters or reports from your medical records. This will prevent the requirement to write to your GP, which will cause further delay and expense.

The initial medical includes a consultation and full clinical examination. It also includes an ECG.

Please bring an up to date (2 years) CAA Form 162 Ophalmology completed by an optician/optometrist.

Class 2 Revalidatio

An ECG is required at the first medical, at 40 years of age and not again until the age of 50, when the requirement is 2 yearly thereafter – unless clinically indicated.


Class 2 initial (which includes ECG) £230.00*
Class 2 revalidation/renewal £175.00*
ECG £55.00
 Audiogram £55.00**
* All fees include administrative payment by AME to the CAA
**Audiogram only required for an Instrument Rating
All fees subject to VAT at 20%

Medical Validities

Certificates can be revalidated up to 45 days before the expiry date of the current certificate keeping the existing expiry date as the start of the next validity period.


The refractive vision criteria (opticians prescription) has been abandoned under EASA FOR CLASS 2 however applicants will still be required to meet acuity standards which are 6/12 in each eye separately and 6/9 using both eyes. If spectacles are worn EASA still requires copy of the vision prescription to be provided at the initial examination only; unless there is a change in vision or eye symptoms. Class 2 pilots are not required to bring an updated vision prescription to each medical examination although it is good practice to do so, since it also allows the AME to ensure any gross error in the prescription.

Pilots who do not meet the 6/12 (each eye) may still be able to gain certification if they pass a medical flight test as long as the good eye has normal vision.

Decrease in Medical Fitness

The CAA require licence holders to seek advice from their AME if they experience a decrease in their level of medical fitness which could impact on flight safety, or are taking medication which might interfere with the safe exercise of the privileges of their licence.

David is available for aviation medical consultations other than CAA examinations. We have access to a number of specialist private consultants e.g. Cardiologists, to whom we can refer promptly and seek specialist opinion in order to return the pilot to a ‘Fit’ status as soon as possible (see Affiliates page in 'About Us').

Coming for a Medical

Please download, print and complete the application forms BEFORE arrival. Failure to do so adds 20 minutes to the consultation time.

Before arriving:

  1. Complete application form(s), CAA Form 160, and if necessarey CAA From 162 (Downloadable from this page).
  2. Bring photo ID, (Passport, Drivers licence, Military ID, etc.).
  3. Be prepared to provide a urine sample ON ARRIVAL.
  4. Bring spectacles (do not wear contact lenses for the consultation).


David has an excellent straight forward conscientious no nonsense approach towards your health and flying. Upon meeting him I soon felt at ease. He has a wealth of knowledge, expertise and common sense; and a really nice guy to boot. I look forward (yes I did say that) to my next medical knowing I'm in good hands.

I can’t recommend David highly enough. I will be using him for my medicals for the foreseeable future and would not hesitate to ask for his advise/help on any health issues that may arise in the future.”

Mike Whiteman-Haywood, Private Pilot

It was a breath of fresh air to be able to deal with a Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) who understood the urgent nature of my request and the friendly and efficient manner in which the examination was carried out. I will without doubt contact him for my renewal and I have already passed on your details to a number of my colleagues.”

Greg Mifflin, Private Pilot

When I first consulted him, I was a student pilot so was ignorant of the ways of CAA flying medicals. Right from the start, I found him to be informative, reassuring, helpful and full of practical common sense advice. He has a relaxed, but highly professional manner which fills one with comfortable confidence.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend David, even though he may not be on your doorstep.”

Paul Derrick PPL

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