Class 1 Medicals

Class 1 Medicals

Templar Medical conducts Class 1 medicals, including ECG, Audiometry and Haemoglobin testing. We undertake medicals for multiple airlines ranging from British Airways and Virgin Atlantic to Easyjet and NetJets.


Class 1 medical £195.00*
ECG £55.00



*All fees include administrative payment by AME to the CAA and Haemoglobin blood test
All fees subject to VAT at 20% 

If you wear spectacles, and/or have a VDL restriction on your medical certificate, please bring an up to date (2 years) CAA Form 162 Ophalmology completed by an optician/optometrist to the consultation. If you wear contact lenses please alternate between these and spectacles at each medical consultation.

Revalidation time limits

Certificates can be revalidated up to 45 days before the expiry date of the current certificate keeping the existing expiry date as the start of the next validity period.

Decrease in Medical Fitness

The CAA require licence holders to seek advice from their AME if they experience a decrease in their level of medical fitness which could impact on flight safety, or are taking medication which might interfere with the safe exercise of the privileges of their licence.

David is available for aviation medical consultations other than CAA examinations. We have access to a number of specialist private consultants e.g. Cardiologists, to whom we can refer promptly and seek specialist opinion in order to return the pilot to a ‘Fit’ status as soon as possible (see Affiliates page in 'About Us').

Coming for a Medical

Please download, print and complete the application forms BEFORE arrival. Failure to do so adds 20 minutes to the consultation time.

Before arriving:

  1.  Complete application form(s) CAA Form 160 and if necessary CAA Form 162 (Downloadable from this page).
  2. Bring photo ID (Passport, Drivers licence, Military ID, etc.)
  3. Be prepared to provide a urine sample ON ARRIVAL.
  4. Bring spectacles (do not wear contact lenses for the consultation).


David’s approach to aviation medicine was of the highest order. Thorough and totally professional, he put me at ease immediately and what can be a rather stressful event for one who is no longer in the flush of youth turned out to be a very pleasant experience. Definitely worth the drive through the lovely Shropshire countryside."

Wing Commander Dick Barton MBE BSc RAF (Retd)

Templar Medical offers a friendly, relaxed environment for aviation medical renewals. The examinations are thorough but not intrusive, providing an all-round view on health rather than just fulfilling the minimum requirements. This helps to identify any issues early so they can be dealt with before they threaten one’s ability to retain their medical licence. I can highly recommend the service provided by Templar Medical.”

Peter Lloyd, Q400 First Officer – Flybe

I have visited Dr. Carey for my annual Class One aviation medical since moving to Herefordshire 9 years ago.  I have to say how impressed I am. I just know that my medical is going to be thorough but fair, as he has the latest medical testing equipment at his disposal and a vast knowledge of aviation medicine. I'm also impressed at the relaxed atmosphere David creates.  

I wouldn't hesitate recommending Dr. Carey to anyone looking for an aviation medical."

Ian Lavey, Senior Standards Captain , NetJets Europe

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