Occupational Health for your Organisation

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How much is it costing your business?


The average SME looses around £500 in direct costs for every worker employed due to Sickness Absence (CBI 2005).


Estimates in 2010 are now closer to £700.


The major causes of Sickness Absence are stress related mental health and musculoskeletal disorders (MSD). Many of these workers can return to work and would benefit from being at work. We specialise in interventions that negotiate obstacles to recovery and barriers to return to work in order to prevent long-term sickness. If you have company health insurance we can add value by facilitating that process.


We can assess the loss to your business, should you not already know, working with your management or HR department using quantifiable methods such as Bradford Scoring. We can then assess individual cases. This may be as simple as a brief review of documentation, a clinical consultation with the employee or possibly a case conference involving line manager, employee and possibly a union representative. In all cases we feel comfortable in advising you appropriately.


We provide management with a clear indication regarding an employee's return to work, with timeframes. We recommend possible adjustments at work which facilitate a return to work and advise on the need to consider possible ill health retirement or dismissal.


We are familiar with consent issues and can liaise with the employee’s GP and other health care professionals whilst still providing information to management upon which they can make decisions without compromising confidentiality.