Occupational Health for your Organisation

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Where the emphasis is on capacity and functionality rather than sickness.


We can hold consultations for any of your employees. We have experience in challenging management referrals requiring medical reports for ‘fitness for work’. We will answer your specific questions and make helpful, practical and realistic recommendations with timeframes. Our reports will help you to manage your employees not make you feel more confused.


Fitness for work assessments will consider all aspects of the individual and their work. We’ll ensure that we understand their role and what is expected of them from you. Then we will evaluate their capacity and functionality for that role in relation to their health. If necessary we will, when required, conduct worksite visits and functional assessments at the 'coalface' as part of that service.


Classically, we will perform and advise regarding:


Pre-employment Medicals

Periodic Medicals

Management Referrals - 'fitness for work', 'return to work', 'ill-health retirement'      

Statutory Medicals e.g. COSHH, HAVs, noise, shift-work, safety critical, confined spaces, working at height.

Specialist Medicals e.g. Driving, Diving, Aviaton, Seafaring, Oil & Gas, Executive, etc (see specialist medicals).