Occupational Health for your Organisation

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One of the best ways to reduce the problem of sickness in the workplace is to prevent health problems happening in the first place.


Accordingly, we will look at the main health issues in your business and tailor a programme to meet your needs.


Health Promotion may be a simple Noise Awareness at Work Programme or providing information regarding pregnancy at work. Or it might be a management driven smoking cessation campaign due to sickness absence from respiratory infections. Whatever your needs we can help to plan and implement a solution.


Health Education regarding common problems is useful in dispelling myths that may give rise to unwarranted perceptions and lead to unnecessary time off work, A common example would be lower back pain. We can educate employees so that they have realistic expectations and can make sensible and informed decisions regarding their health.


Health issues may vary greatly between businesses, however core themes exist, ranging from smoking and other lifestyle choices to lower back pain, stress or cancer awareness.