Occupational Health for your Organisation

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Leadership by Example.


We appreciate that management takes it’s own health seriously, but sometimes it can be overlooked due to external pressures or time constraints. Our consultations will include an evaluation of risk factors which highlight possible future events such as Heart attack, Stroke and Diabetes. We can discuss these with you and advise you on how to reduce those risks. Just because you don’t feel ill doesn’t mean you can’t mitigate the risk of future illness.


A 1-2 hour consultation with a Consultant Occupational Health Physician(OHP) to include full medical history & examination. Investigations including ECG, Spirometry (respiratory function), urine and blood tests if requested or required. Again the medical is 'bespoke' and will  be tailored to the individuals own medical and family history.  


These medicals can be made available to anyone in your company and as such can often be seen as a very real reward of the job and a clear indication that the company takes their employee's health seriously.