Occupational Health for your Organisation

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Please consult the CHECKLIST for important information regarding what to bring, directions, etc


The LAPL was introduced to the UK on 17th September 2012 with the implementation of EASA. It will replace the NPPL for flying EASA registered aircraft. Existing NPPL licence holders, who do not wish to have an EASA PPL licence, must apply to the CAA for the LAPL by 08 April 2015 if they wish to fly aircraft which are EASA registered or permitted.


The medical assessment


The initial consists of a clinical examination in addition to a medical declaration. This can be undertaken by an AME, or alternatively a GP in your own practice who has access to your medical records at the time and is happy to take responsibility for issuing an aviation medical certificate.


In cases where there are significant medical conditions and/or vision issues the CAA require formal referral to an AME: GP REFERRAL FORM (see useful documents section)






Validity periods


Under age 40- an LAPL medical certificate must be revalidated every 5 years (or until 42nd birthday if earlier). Over age 40 – every 2 years




Certificates may be revalidated within 45 days of the expiry date if you wish to continue exercising the privileges of your licence


Decrease in Medical Fitness


The CAA require licence holders to seek advice from their AME if they experience a decrease in their level of medical fitness which could impact of flight safety, or are taking medication which might interfere with the safe exercise of the privileges of their licence.


I am available for aviation medical consultations between examinations and have access to a number of specialist Private Consultants e.g. Cardiologists, to whom I can refer promptly and seek specialist opinion in order to return the pilot to a ‘Fit’ status as soon as possible.



LAPL Initial/Revalidation