Occupational Health for your Organisation

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EASA Class 1


Please consult the CHECKLIST for important information regarding what to bring, directions, etc






*Fee includes Haemoglobin blood test and an admin fee paid to CAA




If you wear spectacles, and/or have a VDL restriction on your medical certificate, please bring your up to date (within 2 years) eye prescription to the consultation. If you wear contact lenses please alternate between these and spectacles at each medical consultation.


Revalidation time limits


Certificates can be revalidated up to 45 days before the expiry date of the current certificate keeping the existing expiry date as the start of the next validity period.


Decrease in Medical Fitness


The CAA require licence holders to seek advice from their AME if they experience a decrease in their level of medical fitness which could impact of flight safety, or are taking medication which might interfere with the safe exercise of the privileges of their licence.


I am available for aviation medical consultations between examinations and have access to a number of specialist Private Consultants e.g. Cardiologists, to whom I can refer promptly and seek specialist opinion in order to return the pilot to a ‘Fit’ status as soon as possible.


EASA Class 1 medical

EASA Class 1 + Audiogram

EASA Class 1 + ECG

EASA Class 1 + ECG + Audiogram